David Hsu

    DevOps Engineering / AWS / Cloud Native


DevOps / Site Reliability Engineer

David is a senior DevOps engineer who dedicated to AWS cloud platform, also has an AWS Solution Architect certificate (SAA-C01).

Skilled at AWS solutions, Container Orchestration, Infrastructure as Code, CI/CD, Serverless, Scrum, Automation, Python, Micro-Services and Site Reliability Engineering.

  • Docker, AWS ECS, EKS, Kubernetes
  • Terraform, AWS CDK, Ansible
  • Jenkins, GitLab CI, AWS CodeBuild
  • Canary, Blue-Green, Rolling Deployment
  • AWS Lambda, Fargate
  • MongoDB, MySQL, RDS

David offers cloud solutions with high availability based on Docker, AWS ECS, and EKS, also well-understanding of CI/CD and deployment strategies. Concerned about security aspects for applications such as using SSM Parameter Store as secret storage instead of plain-text configuration files.

Experienced in MongoDB migration and high concurrency application design(100K RPM). Re-constructed the Terraform architecture to reduce around 40% routine jobs with more than 20+ projects on a daily basis.

About programming skills, David has helped a media company building a re-marketing platform built from Django and Flask, as well as integrated Elasticsearch to analyze access logs to perform valuable marketing strategies. Apart from this, it’s a dockerized micro-service application running on AWS.

Not only technical skills but David also familiar with how DevOps culture affects the business, always being an outstanding team player to interact with other departments. David also joined SRE study groups in free time and interested in AWS, cloud-native solutions, DevOps culture, distribution system, Serverless, as well as traveling and reading.


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